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We implement Mailroom Automation solutions using Ephesoft’s Intelligent Capture software. This enables organisations to automatically classify, separate, sort and extract data from paper, fax and electronic documents. Business critical information is made available to internal business processes, customers and partners faster, at lower cost and with less errors.


Traditional mailrooms can be chaotic and a root cause of many downstream issues. There are often problems with time consuming activities such as opening, recording and labelling incoming documents. Additional processes such as identifying, sorting, photocopying and delivering documents to several departments, often across a wide geography, also present major challenges. The implications if an invoice or payment falls through the cracks, or if a critical and time-sensitive document is delayed or lost can be substantial. Errors and delays are common, and staff costs in a manual environment can be high.


FSS will configure the Ephesoft Smart Capture software to automatically classify and sort all inbound documents, whether they are scanned physical documents, faxes, or attachments to emails. Emails and faxes can be processed without manual intervention, and physical documents can be scanned without the need for an operator to add separator sheets.

Once documents are automatically separated and classified by the software, indexing data can be automatically associated with the digital images so that they can be easily retrieved in the future. The document distribution process is also automated, with the digitised documents and associated index data immediately forwarded to the appropriate business process, IT system and/or document repository.

Whilst straight through processing rates are normally very high, documents that cannot be processed automatically are presented to an operator in a manner that makes their manual review extremely efficient, minimising delays and processing costs for any exceptions.

Many customers go further than automating document capture, classification and distribution within their Mailroom Automation solution. The Ephesoft Smart Capture solution can be configured to extract any information contained in a document and pass that data directly into existing IT systems for processing – often eliminating the need for back office staff to review and enter the data manually.


The benefits of Mailroom Automation can be enormous, which is why this is such a popular use case for digital transformation and operational efficiency initiatives. Mailroom Automation provides cost savings and a compelling ROI, whilst enhancing any document-centric business process. Common benefits include:


Reduction of mailroom costs

The most visible and practical benefit of implementing a digital mailroom is the substantial reduction in cost. Manual routing costs, lost documents, and delays in processing within a mailroom are practically eliminated. Human error is virtually removed from the equation, all whilst reducing staff costs.


Faster r​esponse time

The right business decisions depend on thorough and timely information. When important mail is waiting to be processed, it slows down the entire company. From new orders, approvals, contracts and other important documents, decision-makers can’t afford to wait for information. With our Mailroom Automation solution, they don’t have to.


Improved Productivity in Less Time

Automatic document capture rapidly and accurately routes mail in minutes. Antiquated mailroom processes can take days or weeks, with manual handling and document handoffs often leading to errors. With our Mailroom Automation solution, important documents are processed faster and more efficiently.


Centralised Documents

The Ephesoft platform manages your entire document workflow, ensuring document types are classified, validated and stored in the correct repository. The system can be tailored to fit your organisational needs. If there is sensitive material, only those with approved access may view the documents. Missing or misplaced documents are a thing of the past. Powerful and accurate scanning technology quickly captures the document type data, safely storing it the first time.

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