The Ephesoft Transact advanced document capture platform is modern, cost effective, highly scalable and can be implemented very rapidly. The licensing model is appealing to customers as there are no annual volume restrictions. Transact automatically classifies, separates, sorts and extracts data from documents across all channels.

Ephesoft Transact

Kodak alaris offer dedicated document scanners that are of exceptional quality, at a very reasonable price point. They offer many advantages over, and are far superior to, multi function devices (MFDs).

Kodak Scanners

We have built our own web-based platform, using the best open source technologies, for solutions that require collaboration,  workflow and/or a content repository. Integration with Ephesoft Transact enables us to quickly and very cost effectively add these capabilities to document centric processes. The platform is used by thousands of end users.

Collaboration and Workflow

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As a systems integrator our focus is on delivering solutions that solve business problems. Here are some of the key technologies that we use as the basis of those solutions. 

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